Currently there is a shortage of technical specialists in the Netherlands. It is difficult for clients in the industrial sector to find and hire qualified personnel. The availability of technicans is low and as a side effect competiting industries tend to keep their particular technical specialists bound by contractual obligations. Increasingly foreign technicians are acquired. In severe cases large companies move their production abroad. Since I can count myself to the workingfield I am well aware of the occupational problems, but I also see opportunities to help as a mediator.

Within my business network I maintain many contacts with clients as well as technical experts like myself. I can help employers with filling in lancunes in the technical staff of the business. Thus an additional service of JanZed Inspection & Quality Control consists of the active mediation for qualified technical personnel. Here I consider myself as the "bridge builder" and I mainly play a mediating role.

To enable my help for finding a qualified technician, please call me or send a message using the contact form.


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